2G services switch off starts 3 April 2017

Don’t get caught out! Upgrade to 3G or 4G now.

2G Networks in Australia are being switched off. BLiNK's carrier, Optus, will start to switch exclusively to 3G and 4G from the 3 April 2017.

  • What will happen then?

    With the switch, you will have access to faster and reliable phone coverage Australia-wide. However, it also means that if you are still using a 2G device after the 3 April switch off, you will lose reception. Some older 3G devices will also be impacted.

  • To continue to enjoy BLiNK services, follow two simple steps:
    • Step 1

      Do you need to change device? Check here.


    • Step 2

      I need a new device

      1. Upgrade to a compatible 3G or 4G device.

      2. Old SIM doesn’t fit new device? Order a new one free of charge by email at info@blinkit.net.au, or by phone at 1800 254 654.

      I already have a new device

      Order your replacement SIM for your new device by email at info@blinkit.net.au, by phone at 1800 254 654.

Frequently Asked Questions